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Zero-G Glider Kite (Red/Yellow or Blue)

Route 66 Kites

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Imagine a kite that glides magically on the lightest air currents, defying gravity with the lift of a high-performance sailplane and weighing less than 2 ounces. Toss it as a glider with no string attached, or soar through the sky with precise control just by pulling and releasing the line.


The Zero G is a true canard-style aircraft, with the smaller wings facing forward in tethered and gliding flight. Unlike traditional kites, it will glide like a airplane when you release the line, making it incredibly easy for beginners and experts alike because it can't stall and fall out of the sky. Pull it up over your head and then slack the line to watch it glide as far as space allows, tantalizing you to skip out of work early on those light wind days.


Wingspan: 42in x 47in
Wind Range: Indoors - 10mph
Sail: Ripstop Polyester
Frame: Protruded Carbon
Includes: 100ft x 20lbs Polyester line and protective zippered shell case.