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A colourful building game of skill and speed! Players each take a different card from the pile and simultaneously recreate their own totem by picking out the correct wooden beads and stacking them up in the exact order of what is shown on their card - all with the use of a chopstick! Whoever completes their totem first without it toppling to the ground wins!

• Observational skills
• Processing speed
• Manual dexterity
• Eye-hand coordination
• Focus & patience
• Self-confidence
• Overall cognitive development
• Group/family bonding

☆Play Tip: There are many ways to make this more achievable for new players. For instance, remove the speed element, or simply allow the use of their fingers instead of the chopsticks. Better yet, turn this into a fun cooperation task by grouping players in pairs, so that the building is done together, instead of against each other!

2-4 players | Includes: 64 wooden beads, 4 pairs of chopsticks & 26 Totem cards, set of instructions