Think-ets Educational Trinkets Games

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Think-ets is an educational and fun-filled game using adorable tiny treasures from around the world that inspire creativity and test memory. Think-ets is an at-home game, a travel game, a party game, a storytelling game, a camping game—perfect for children and their families. Kids will love to collect, connect and create with Think-ets. There are so many games you can play using these trinkets—and, guess what? Think-ets even stimulate your imagination and increase brainpower! Each little bag contains a fun and unique assortment of mini trinkets specially selected for storytelling and imaginative play. You can use them to play 10 different games including: What's Missing (fun memory game); Who's Last (challenging strategy game); What's Moved (keen observation game); and What's Similar (mind-bending categorization game). They are called Think-ets because they get you to think!

For ages 8 - 108; One or more players