Sushi Go Party

Route 66 Kites

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Enjoy hours of imagination stimulating and battery-free playtime with this Sushi Go Party game. It features everything you need to get started playing this zany and creative game with as many as seven other players at once. This party card game includes over 180 cards with 22 unique menu tiles with eight wooden player pieces and a board. The box also includes the game rules, so anyone can jump right in without having played before. This sushi card game helps reinforce simple math skills, helping children and adults alike sharpen their mental math abilities as they race to create winning sushi meals and combos. It's presented in a collectable metal box with a resealable lid, so pieces will not get lost between games. The sturdiness of the vibrantly colored tin also makes Sushi Go Party a fun and easy game to bring along when traveling. Sushi Go Party!