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Super Flier - Butterfly

Route 66 Kites

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One of the easiest kites to fly, the Super Flier Kite features one-step assembly, a long banner tail and a wide wind range that will make almost any day a great reason to enjoy the fun of flying a kite. Constructed with a durable rip-stop polyester sail and resilient fiberglass frame, this kite is meticulously crafted with expert back-cut "stained glass" applique techniques as seen on much higher priced kites. Super easy to fly and a wide wind range make this kite perfect for beginners. Complete with flying line and winder. Perfect for beach vacation.

Bold Innovations offers a high quality alternative to the Premier line that is both reliable and economical. Simpler graphics, shorter line lengths and a narrower selection has enabled the Bold Innovation line to reflect the performance our customers demand at a price all can afford.

Kite Wind Range:  5 ~ 18 mph
Kite Fabric:  Polyester
Kite Frame:  Fiberglass
Line Included:  Included
Size (W x L):  46 x 90 in. / 117 x 229 cm.
Line:  Includes 150 ft. 30 lb. Test Line & Winder
Packaging:   Fabric case with color header