Squeaker Kite - Cool


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Squeaker The Octopus features no assembly, a wide wind range and eight 8 ft. tapering squiggly tails that delightfully move in the sky. A perfect out-of-the-bag and into-the-sky kite for the first time flyer, Squeaker playfully displays two huge eyes that are brightly back-lit when flying. Constructed from durable rip-stop polyester and a resilient fiberglass frame, Squeaker comes complete with flying line and winder.
Size (W X L): 13.75 x 128 in. / 35 x 324.5 cm.

Wind Range: 5 ~ 18 mph

Fabric: Ripstop Nylon

Frame: Solid Fiberglass

Line: Includes 150 ft. 10 lb. Test Line & Winder

Age 5+