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Sleddy Pony

Route 66 Kites

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Easy to fly Sled kite that everyone will love. There's no rigid frame, and they're incredibly stable making them perfect for beginners. They also come with a clip on travel pack, so once you've finished your day at the park, catching the breeze, you can just fold away the kite, put it in the pack, clip it to your belt loop or rucksack and you're good to go.

Product Features

  • A sled kite with a Pony design
  • Includes clip on travel pack
  • Skill - Beginner
  • Size 50cm + 1.9mtr Tail
  • Material - Ripstop Polyester
  • Lines - Polyester 17kg, 40mtrs on Spool Included
  • Wind Speed Range 4-31mph
  • Age 5+