Sands Alive Game

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The first play sand game on the market
  • Includes 1 pound of Sands Alive! Sand, the sand that won't dry out and is anti-bacterial
  • Adds fun elements of strategy to sand play (and kids get to smash obstacles too!)
  • Tested for quality and safety
  • No Mess - sand stays clumped and won't spread around
  • Long Lasting - never dries out
  • Safe - Unique non-toxic formula prevents bacterial growth

It's a race across the sandbox, using Sands Alive! sand from Play visions! Can you make it across first? 

Spin the spinner and move, but beware: the other player can build obstacles to block you. 

When you get a chance, will you block your opponent or smash an obstacle in your path? 

This game includes 1 pound of Sands Alive! sand, the #1 reusable sand on the market. 

Its special formula won't stain, never dries out, and is anti-bacterial. It makes a great game, and it doubles as a play set. 

Includes 1 lb. of Sands Alive! sand, laminated box base for use as playing surface, 1 roller handle, 2 roller attachments, 

4 sandcastle molds, 1 spinner card, 1 spinner, 2 playing pieces with stands, complete instructions. 

For 2 players ages 6 & up.