Revolution Reflex RX Spider Web

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The Reflex RX Spider was designed for the higher wind days.  The fun times !

We list the wind range at 6 – 26 mph.  The light feel with its super Rev control gives you very responsive flight on big wind, variable wind, and gusty wind days.

The specifically designed Reflex 5/16” stiff carbon fiber frame gives the flyer a fast acceleration with a smooth in-control feel, and still delivers a crazy tight dive stop.

The reverse, side slide, and float maneuvers are easy and fun.

This ‘vented’ model, with its open panel design, reinforced sail, and monochromatic coloring is stunning.

The Reflex RX Spider is a great all around model in winds over 6 mph.

“This RX Spider is everything I was looking for in a higher wind sail.  I expected the mesh panels.  The open concept is fantastic !  So light too! Thank you Rev & Joe for making this perfect kite.” Mark K., San Diego.