Reef Route Children's Board Game

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One moment, you’re a happy tropical fish, swimming with your friends in the beautiful coral reef, then suddenly a rip current picks you up and flings you far from the safety of your home. Taking in your new surroundings, you notice something approaching you from the distance... A group of sharks has appeared in your path!

Reef Route is a thrilling game about life in the ocean, in which players help small tropical fish travel to the reef and escape from predators. The game is for two to four players aged five years and up and takes about 15 minutes to play. The movements of the little fish teach kids to think strategically – after all, nobody wants to be eaten!

This Game Contains:

  • 2 colored dice
  • 6 predatory fish (in 3 different sizes)
  • 16 small fish (in 4 different colors)
  • Game board
  • Illustrated rules