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Oriole Kite

Route 66 Kites

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Oriole - Fly some fun with this colorful bird kite.

Our flying birds go together quickly and easily. And they fly on the lightest breezes. Use one to decorate the sky or brighten up a kid’s room. For extra fun, loft a flock!

Each bird kite is based on a flying creature well known in North America. Designed by kite artist Robert Brasington, they each hold the promise of short-term fun and long-term performance. To assemble, just pop the extended end of each wing rod into the white pocket on the opposite side of the kite. Attach your flying line to the bridle loop and send it soaring.

In flight, the wings will flex back. For changing winds, you can slide the bridle loop higher or lower for improved performance.

The Bullock's Oriole is a small New World blackbird. Adult males are characterized by strongly contrasting orange and black plumage, a black throat patch and a white wing bar. This bird was named after William Bullock, an English amateur naturalist. Both males and females sing. While males have a sweeter voice, females tend to be more prolific singers.

Size: 2' x 4'

Sail: Ripstop Nylon

Frame: Fiberglass rod

Wind Range: 4-20 mph

Suggested flight line: 50# to 100# teat.

This kite requires flying line. Use 50# to 100# test