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Welcome, thieves...
You think you can come into MY Library and take MY magical Grimoire with impunity? I paid a high price for it! Do not expect to leave the building with it unharmed! In order to leave the Library, you'll need to dispel the illusions I placed in every room.

Oh sure, your little band of magicians can count on the help of this ungrateful Grimoire to run away. But in your impudence, you didn't watch out for potential troubles within your ranks. One of your fellow magicians fell victim to my spells and is now scheming to destroy your little group from the inside. Soon, you'll lose confidence in each other and end up lost forever...

Obsurio is a cooperative and asymmetrical game of images and interpretation. One player is the Grimoire and must guide their team towards the exit, room by room, by giving clues about the correct door to pass through.

The Wizards (the rest of the team) cooperate to decipher the Grimoire's cryptic clues and find the right Image card. But there is a Traitor in their ranks! They must confuse the team with Image cards that will deceive the Wizards while trying to push the discussions in the wrong direction.

Communicate efficiently and avoid the illusions on your path to get out of the Sorcerer's Library!

2 Butterfly Markers
84 Illusion Cards
1 Desk
1 Card Holder
1 Game Board
7 Loyalty Cards
7 Character Chips
7 Character Cards
4 Round Plastic Sheets
1 Progress Marker
1 Hourglass
1 Bag
14 Trap Tokens
30 Cohesion Tokens
1 Evanescent Room Tile

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-8
Game Length: 45 minutes