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Experienced nature observers bravely roam the area in search of plants, animals and various curiosities. They eagerly use their knowledge - in the meadows, among the grasses, they can spot small rodents, and since they are here, maybe a buzzard, a fox or even a viper will appear in a moment!

Meadow is a board game in which players take the role of wanderers watching nature. Equipped with a map, they stroll through the picturesque surroundings, looking for inspiration and capturing breathtaking views. Players are driven by passion and curiosity, but also by competition for the title of the keenest nature observer! It will be awarded to whoever scores the most points from the observed species of animals and plants, landscapes and souvenirs collected from the hike. Competition continues by the fire, where players compete in achieving the goals of their expeditions.

1-4 players
Ages 10+
60-90 minute play time

1 main board
2 two-sided campfire boards
2 block tokens
184 cards
12 goal tokens
20 path tokens
12 bonus tokens
28 road tokens
1 solo play game token
1 first player token
5 envelopes with additional cards
1 round marker
4 color markers
4 foldable deck holders
1 rulebook
1 card index
1 deck holder assembly instructions