Maya Flya (Pocket Disc) - Mini

Buena Onda Games

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 The Buena Onda Games Maya Flya (originally known as the Pocket disc) flies incredibly well, packs small, and won't break anything it collides with. . IMPORTANT note: Assorted colors and patterns-you may receive a disc in a color/pattern that's different from what's shown in the photo. Portable: Stuff it in your pocket or bag and never leave home without it. Great for kids learning sports involving hand/eye coordination. Less than 3 ounces-for the weight conscious backpacker/hiker. Won't break your lamps, your pictures or mark your walls. It's also an ideal office toy for adults (we can attest to that!). 45 uses and counting-a hat, a pot holder, or a drink koozie. Diameter: 5.5in. with a 3/4 in. under lip for an easy grip and great toss. A Fair Trade product made in Guatemala.