Jazz Sport Kite


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The Jazz's deep wing profile and tough hybrid glass / carbon frame means you can safely hand it off to anyone for a test drive. In the air, it's quick but remarkably stable and easy to control, even for a low-time pilot. Engineered and built to the same obsessive standards as Prism's® top-end equipment, it's a simple, compact little gem that will get you up and flying with a grin.

Designed for beginners, the Jazz has a 55" wing span but folds down to 25" long so it can be packed in a suitcase or backpack. Easy instructions are printed on the case so they're always handy. Quick, stable, and easy to control, the Jazz will fly in winds as low as 5 mph, a plus for inland pilots, and also perform in winds up to 25 mph for trips to the beach. The ready-to-fly package includes two 65-foot low-stretch Spectra® lines, winder, and flight straps.
  • Quick, stable, and easy to control
  • Kevlar-reinforced nose forgives your unplanned landings
  • Light pull is manageable for smaller pilots
  • Folds to 25" long inside zippered travel case
  • Ripstop nylon sail and hybrid carbon / fiberglass frame
  • Hybrid Pultruded graphite / fiberglass frame
  • Ripstop nylon sail
  • 65' x 90 lbs. Spectra fly lines
  • Wind Range: 5 - 25 mph
  • Speed: Fast
  • Pull: Light
  • Skill Level: Beginner