High 5


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High 5, the Game of Wit, Humour, & 10,000 Laughs

"High 5" is a party game that, like the more popular "Cranium" which it pre-dates, combines five party-style games into one. Players (or teams) roll four 10-sided dice to generate a four-digit number that corresponds to a question in "The Book of 10,000 Questions." The number also indicates which of the five categories of game type the player will have. The categories are: "Pic-Wit" (Pictionary) "Bull-Wit" (Balderdash) "Ham-Wit" (Charades) "Sher-Wit" (20 Questions) and "Wiz-Wit" (Trivia). The question book indicates how many spaces the players advance. In some situations, both the players asking the questions and the players responding will be able to advance. In other situations, an incorrect answer will send a player backwards along the track. Questions for younger players are included in the question book, allowing players to create an easier game for children.