FT Mighty Mini Sparrow WR (723mm)

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Look there in the sky!!....Its a BIRD ...its a PLANE its.... BOTH!!! The FT Mighty Mini Sparrow is finally here!!  

The FT Sparrow is a fun bird with many personalities.  The FT Sparrow was designed to teach the builder all the basic techniques to build all of our foam board fleet,  This means every technique from A folds to fold over wings will no longer be a mystery or a source of intimidation. The Sparrow can be built as a free flight glider, or a fun 3 channel rc platform.  As a free flight, The Sparrow can be built without the use of a razor blade.  This makes it a great option for educational environments and for younger pilots to take build and fly.  This whole build can be accomplished in under 45 minutes.  Adding contols to the FT Sparrow can easily be done making this little bird go from a free flight to a speedy little 3 channel.  Fully capable of being flown with FPV gear, The Sparrow provides an unobstructed view because of its rear mounted motor.  Our hope is that this fun little design will be a useful source of both fun and education.  Be sure to check out ftstem.com for more information on our educational solutions. 



  • CENTER OF GRAVITY: 2.75 inches (69 mm) from leading edge of wing
  • DRY WEIGHT: 6.5 oz (187g)
  • CONTROL SURFACE THROWS: 12 ̊ deflection (elevons) Expo 30%
  • WINGSPAN: 28.5 inches (723 mm)
  • RECOMMENDED MOTOR: 2300 kv 1806 size motor
  • RECOMMENDED PROP: 5 x 3 - 6 x 3 prop
  • RECOMMENDED ESC: 12 amp minimum
  • RECOMMENDED BATTERY: 800 mAH 3s minimum
  • RECOMMENDED SERVOS: (2) 5 gram servos


Kit includes: 

  • Laser-cut foam airframe
  • Power Pod (Mini)
  • Firewall (Mini)
  • Push rods
  • Control horns
  • BBQ Skewer
  • Data Sheet
  • Velcro



Please watch recent build videos before removing any paper from the foam! Some videos may use white foam board, which is no longer available and has now been replaced with water-resistant foam board.