FT EZ Nature Pack

Flite Test

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The FT EZ Nature Pack combines science, aviation, and creation together to display a truly designed work of art. From flying squirrels that move their bodies and tails to glide from tree to tree, to butterflies and eagles that change the shape of their wings to fly effortlessly through the air, these model creatures are truly amazing.

The FT EZ Nature Pack celebrates these creatures in a simple 2-channel design that is stabilized for maximum fun combined with an easy build and flying experience, and will take as little as 15 minutes before you can take to the skies with any of these three designs by using our FT STEM 2Ch EZ Power Pack v.2. This power pack gives you everything you need for taking flight (flight control board, two motors, and transmitter), with over 400 feet of range.

This design was created in collaboration with Ben and Natalie Harber, community members who enjoy sharing their love of flight, education, and people. Our combined effort had the goal in mind to give an experience that will create great memories. These models can be flown in gymnasiums, backyards, or even a school.

If you are looking to enjoy the hobby and want to learn by doing so, the FT EZ Nature Pack is for you!