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Crazy Cat Kite

Route 66 Kites

Regular price $40.00

These brightly colored Kites provide hours of great kite flying fun for young and old alike! On top of this they make great decorations on the walls or just hanging from the ceiling.

-Refined colorful packaging that appeals to kids.

-Zero waste, nylon bag for storage.

New Easy Clip - easy "no knot" line attachment

No need to fuss with knots, just attach the easy clip onto the bridal point and your ready to fly.

Width: 86 cm / 34

Height: 105 cm / 41 

Sail: Ripstop-Polyester

Frame: Fibreglass 1,5 + 2 + 2,5 mm

incl. Line: Polyester 15 kp / 37 lb., 50 m / 165 ft. on spool

Wind: (Bft.): 2-4 (6-28 km/h, 4-18 mph)

Age: +5