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Become a Mind Reader They always say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Of course, the problem is that a great picture doesn't always make people think the same words that you're thinking of! That's the rub of it. How does an artist manage to get folks to interpret their images in just the right way? Well, that's a question for the scholars...  In the meantime, though, we can probably practice those conceptual connections in small groups to make sure that we're all on the same (book) + (pieces) = page.  Fun Details It's time to put your words where your pictures are in this team board game, Concept. In a sort of marriage between Pictionary and Charades, you will use a combination of ?-mark, !-mark, and colored cubes placed on a board to hint to your teammates one of up to 9 concepts or subjects written on a card. Simple concepts like "blue" may be worth a single point where complicated subjects like a specific movie may be worth up to 9. Place a green "?" symbol to represent your main concept and matching colored cubes to refine it. So, a "?" on a film symbol with a matching cube on a laughing symbol might mean comedy. Combine that with a dessert + oven and flag + red, white, and blue and your team might correctly guess American Pie! Find out how well you know your friends in this curious deduction game! (Picture) + (Brain) + (?) + (!) As though the mighty interrobang came to life and turned into a board game, you and your friends will love solving each other's puzzles in Concept. If nothing else, you'll love watching the look of huh!? turn into ah-ha! .