FT Tenet v.2 Duo

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The original FT Tenet was designed to meet standards over multiple platforms of flight, and the new FT Tenet v.2 Duo does that and even more! The initial purpose of the FT Tenet was for furthering our FT STEM programs, but it also is to help create future pilots and aircraft designers. The new and improved FT Tenet v.2 accomplishes the same, but with more reliability than before.

The FT Tenet v.2 features a fuselage made out of our new lightweight, durable foam that has the strength and flexibility characteristics of EPP, yet the lightweight nature of EPS. The new FT Tenet v.2 Duo gives you everything you need to build 2 complete flyable airframes. This provides you with the ability to fly with your friends and family, or just to have a spare plane at the field.

The two airframes that come in this kit consist of one (1) pusher style and one (1) tractor style fuselage. The pusher configuration is fantastic for learning to fly, with or without its tricycle landing gear and rear facing prop. Whereas the tractor style fuselage features a motor in the front and a tail dragger landing gear configuration, that is a smooth flyer or fantastic for sport flying and aerobatics.

The FT Tenet v.2 teaches the basics of what it takes to build and successfully fly, and the discovery of how key features of the aircraft can be changed and reconfigured to achieve different flight experiences from beginner to advanced.

As a beginner, you will be able to build a gentle flying pusher that is graceful and easy to control. Once your skills and understanding grow, you will be able to upgrade your design to a sport wing and place your motor in the front for amazing aerobatics and increased speed. When you get the need for speed, you can easily swap out your wings and tail for a swept back, edgy configuration that will reward you with a smooth and fast flight that will carve up the skies.

The new FT Tenet v.2 Duo is designed to give you everything you need in a combination of airframes that can be built in a short amount of time, and then flown for hours. Everything you need to build both airframes is included, all you have to do is add electronics (sold separately).

Included in the kit:
1 – Pusher style fuselage
1 – Tractor style fuselage
1 – Wing and tail kit (provides wings and tails for both fuselages)
2 – Motor mounts
1 – Tricycle landing gear kit with foam wheels
1 – Taildragger landing gear kit with foam wheels
Additional necessary hardware to complete the build included.